M. R. Anil Kumar
An 'At times entrepreneur', at times art director, an at times manager, an at times HR, an at times delivery boy, and an all time lover of innovation. At times (sorry to sound so repetitive) feels nothing clicks other than the occasional photos- but the world that he has built for his own and the world that he has shown to his teammates proves that advertising to him was more than a mere dabble.
Binoy seems to that one guy who has shattered all myths about creativity. In him, don't look for a pony tailed, chain smoking, brand mongering and task taking guy who, when given a brief retires into a den, meditates and waits for 'the divine drop of inspiration. Being creative, to Binoy means being an avid biker, an utterly paranoid boxer and a not-withdrawing body builder and the owner of a restless inquisitive mind that seeks the next benchmark after best. Thanks to him, tantrums are so low and the energy levels are always high in the huework team.

Key:- 3D Modelling- toy to rocket, signifying creatives without hesitate, energize .


Some artists are made, others are born. No doubt Shimmil belongs to the latter half. His sunken, lagging eyes fairly betray the indomitable spirit within- yet another instance of why in animation, one shouldn't judge by looks. After stirring the industry with over 10 years of his experience, Shammil, realized one thing- his forte was the genius to come up with striking concepts. So instead of a fat pay cheque, Huework offered him a place to sit, think, work and redefine an industry where being different had become the biggest cliche.

Key:- Illustrator, Animator, Art Director, Photographer, Logo maker and drinker (purified water)

  Rajesh Radhakrishnan
Day… Night… Day … Night.. I could not write anything about our Mr. idea Machine. We call him 'Urban Saint'
Key: striking thought and making it on black on white
  Prem Saagar
Web programmer & Software Engineer
Logo identity
Print campaigns
Package & labels
In store design

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